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Our Care

Caring for R&G staff is one of the foundations on which the company was built, back in 2008, and remains a core principle of the company today。

EDF在线老虎机During our end-of-year celebratory dinner on 30th December, 2009, R&G’s CEO, David J。 Wu, announced to the entire company that he was officially starting R&G’s Care Fund with a personal donation of 100,000 CNY。

In December, 2012, 28,500 CNY was raised during R&G’s charity auction。

In April, 2014, 28,840 CNY was raised during R&G’s charity auction。

In November, 2014, 59,910 CNY was raised from a charity auction during R&G’s first shareholder’s meeting.

On 30th December, 2009, David J。 Wu donated a portion of his own salary to the Care Fund。 

By 31st December, 2016, the R&G Care Fund had raised 688,652 CNY, and had given an accumulated 553,482 CNY to 82 staff during times of hardship。 

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