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HQ Bioscience’s team has been providing the pharmaceutical industry with bioanalysis services for over a decade. At HQ Bioscience we are driven by our clients’ needs for top quality data analysis, exceptional R&D capabilities, and shortened R&D and regulatory timelines.

With a highly skilled and educated team of experts in pharmacokinetics and pharmacoanalysis, HQ Bioscience has proven time and time again that we can help clients handle even the most difficult of protocols.

Armed with our innovative management approach combining foreign lab management processes with our domestic drug evaluation system, our team is able to implement comprehensive quality management over all aspects of every task we conduct.

At HQ Bioscience we strongly believe our services to our clients improve with every challenge we overcome on their behalf. Only by establishing a mutually beneficial collaboration can we accelerate the R&D process and get the best, most innovative drugs to patients faster.

State-of-the-art equipment and facilities

  • Sciex API 4000, Triple Quad 5500 and Triple Quad 6500 plus are suited to various requirements for analytic sensitivity.
  • Multiple Shimadzu UFHPLC chromatographs provide high-throughput analysis.
  • All hardware and software are certified by 3Q system and BNM to guarantee the accuracy and reproducibility of tests.
  • Multiple level electronic monitoring is realized with analysis software to guarantee compliance throughout the analytic process.
  • Watson™ LIMS system provides all round biological sample management, bioanalysis and data management.
  • A comprehensive authority management and access control system guarantees the confidentiality of all projects’ data.
  • All low-temperature refrigerator units used for storing samples are equipped with 24-hour real-time temperature monitoring systems, abnormal temperature early-warning systems and power failure solutions to guarantee the stability of stored drugs.
  • A comprehensive set of data backup protocols is used to guarantee data integrity by backing up data to various media.

Our Bioanalysis services include:

  • Quality consistency evaluation for generic drugs in humans
  • Bioequivalence and bioavailability evaluation of pharmaceutical preparations
  • Non-clinical absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicokinetics study of new drugs
  • Drug clinical pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics studies
  • In-vitro drug metabolism studies
  • Drug transporter studies
  • Drug-protein binding studies
  • Candidate compound metabolism and bioavailability screening

If you would like to learn more about R&G, please download our brochure or feel free to contact us directly.

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